A new, improved sort of book club

About a month ago, a couple of my friends and I were talking about the books we were reading, and it brought me to ask whether they’d be interested in starting a book club. I’d been to a book club once with my boyfriend’s mum (this might be the point that you think this post isn’t for you!) but didn’t keep it up because frankly, half of the 50+ were only interested in the latest village goss.

So anyway, of the group of 12 or so girls, I managed to get 7 involved and we chose a book called The Guilty One, by Lisa Ballantyne. It was a nice easy starter as it has reading group discussion points in the back so off we went.

The book is about an eleven year old boy who is on trial for the murder of an eight year old, although he pleads innocent and you don’t know whether or not he is guilty until the end. It flits between that story – the interviews and court case, and the story of the boy (Sebastian’s) solicitor, Daniel. Both of them had troubled childhoods and Daniel actually appears to be the main character. He is used as the means in which we are able to feel anything towards Sebastien and is the person who elicits doubt from the reader as to a verdict.

I absolutely loved the book club part of our evening, we got through all of the questions and it sparked loads of our own debate – about the criminal justice system, parent relationships and other themes of the book. It was also good how some people liked the book but some didn’t, as you got a different perspective and could be more critical in a way. Hopefully it will get us reading books we wouldn’t normally read too.

As the night wore on, we’d got through a bottle of wine each and about a kilo of cheese. Seeing as I live in Sheffield city centre (hopefully not for much longer!) we thought we might as well go out for a couple more. After a while, we bumped in to some of Will’s friends and decided we still hadn’t had enough, so we returned to mine, got the cheese and crisps back out and got through another bottle of wine and one of champagne. All whilst Will was in bed 😐 oops. Still, ended up with book club finishing at 4.30am and had an absolutely brilliant night.

The next read is ‘The Midwife’s Confession’ by Diane Chamberlain. It looks a bit Jodi Piccoult-ish but I’m keeping an open mind..

P.S. If anyone is thinking of starting a book club, DO IT!! I’m loving having people to talk to about the book I’m reading.




At which time Nick goes to Afghanistan

So at the moment I’m supposed to be doing my MSc ‘homework’ and got a little bit sidetracked with setting up the blog I’ve been planning to set up for longer than is reasonable without having actually done anything about it.

Also, I’ve changed the text in the banner at the top of this blog and now can’t work out how to change it to something cleverer or more interesting. So sorry about that. I’ll look at it later unless anyone wise can explain where to go to do it.

Suppose I had better write about the daily news, not that you are coming here for a bulletin.

Today, one of my very close friends is off for 48 hours of ‘down time’ before he heads to Afghanistan in the Marines, on Tuesday. Most people don’t really want to say that about their friend and I’m no exception, although the time that he spent in training has made him in to an even better person than he already was and I love him for that.

He’s back for R&R on boxing day so Will (OH) and I will just look towards seeing him then and having a very big New Year with him. With one friend already out there, we’re told that this time is the last troop of Marines that will be going out to Afghan, so let’s hope for that.

He won’t see this now but I’m very proud of what he has and will continue to achieve. Stay safe Nick, speak very soon xxx